Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Thing of interest from Ashok Malhotra

All ISCSC members and Civilitas blog readers are invited to explore Ashok Malhotra's recent accomplishments. Ashok is a loyal member of ISCSC and has been for many years. His efforts have even led to his nomination as a nominees for the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize. This short list will enable you to experience Ashok's wisdom for yourself. Enjoy!

1. GRANDPA CHOPRA'S STORIES FOR LIFE'S NOURISHMENT, (English Edition) Vol 1 (40 stories--each with a moral like Aesop’s Fables): Amazon or Google Search
2. WSKG Radio Interview “Grandpa Chopras’s Stories for Life’s Nourishment Retold” By Ashok Kumar Malhotra
3. The Ashok Malhotra Story: THE NIGHTINGALE & THE FIREFLY, (A Three-Part Series on Ashok’s Life)
4. Wisdom Stories of Grandpa Chopra - Volume 2, Kindle Edition
by Ashok Malhotra (Second Volume contains 40 new stories--each with a moral like Aesop’s Fables):Go to Amazon or Google Search
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