Thursday, January 5, 2017

Subject: National Integration Week in Pransala, Gujarat

Dear  Compassionate Friends of ISCSC:

How are you?

I just finished six days at Pransala, Gujarat, India (Dec 23-29) where Swami Dharambandhu is running the National Integration week with 15000 children, 2000 security force personnel, 2000 soldiers and 1000 visitors. I met with governors of Bihar and Tripura, Deepka, the Olympic gymnast, a number of philanthropists, political leaders, scientists working to send missions to Mars, cyber security people and other compassionate people. I also gave four lectures to these students from 20 states of India urging them to follow the slogan "each one teach one" to wipe  out illiteracy in India and the world in our life time.

Linda will arrive today and we will start our Journey together to visit all the seven school in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Namaste and best wishes for the New Year.


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