Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Book: The Modern Transformation

I have a completed manuscript, 55,300 words, that is finally good enough to show to the public. “The Modern Transformation”. It describes the world-wide process of change from traditional to modern society, which began in western Europe about 500 years ago and is still continuing around the world today. The Arab Spring is the most recent chapter in this evolutionary and revolutionary transformation of human society. I really want to thank the ISCSC for helping me to get started with this project over four years ago in New Brunswick, Canada and again in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It was the first time I was ever treated as a bona fide scholar. Your warmth and acceptance helped to give me the confidence and courage needed to push this project through to a conclusion. I especially want to thank Matt Melko, God rest his soul, for taking the time and effort to enlighten me about some of the ways and wherefores of academic writing. Matt also told me to contact John Hord. It was John who told me to start by reading Jacques Cauvin The Birth of the Gods and the Origin of Agriculture. He also recommended that I ditch the term modern revolution and use modern transformation instead. Thanks also to Andrew Targowski and to everyone in the ISCSC. Those who read this manuscript will find something new and different to think about. By David Maurer

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